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Filz Property Services

East Legon
Boundary Road
Close to Apex Building



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Filz Property Services is a real estate agency and property management firm. At Filz Properties, our general concern is the commitment care/ management for that desirable asset. By dealing with prospective owners and tenants, we save you the time and worry over marketing or searching for your desired properties, collecting or paying rent, handling maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints and even perusing evictions.

Why Choose us?

  • We ensure Equity rather than Equality. No matter your class, we have something just right to suit your budget.
  • We have a remarkable track record of genuine and litigation free assets listed for sale and rent.
  • Our priority is the client rather thank target gains. We help you maximize the value of your money/asset

Our Services:

Real Estate Brokerage

Proper listing Services

General Property Management

Artisan Services

Property Advisory Consultancy

Mortgage Brokerage

Booking Services

Hotel bookings

Event Space booking

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